Repair error Server request has timed out. Please try again later on 9D Steam

Currently, 9D Nine Dragons has been opened on Steam. Numerous gamers US and Global have gathered and started commuting Wanderer in the exhilaration and excitement.

But besides that there are still many gamers are confused when facing problems logging into the game on Steam 9D. In which the most fundamental error is the fault of the time server connection (as shown below).

How to repair Server request timed out error correction on 9D

To fix this is simple: Because your computer is enabled firewall (Windows Firewall), so the connection to 9D on Steam blocked, not linked to the Servers.

You just turn off the firewall can log into the game easily.

- Go to the Windows Firewall

- Currently, the firewall is on. To turn off, and you select the "Turn Windows Firewall on or off"

- Next, select Turn off Windows Firewall for both 2 options (as shown below)

After finishing off the firewall, you can log on and play games 9D Nine Dragons as usual on Steam.

Note: If you used Windows Defender is also always offline: Check off all:

I wish you happy with 9D.